SAF Tehnika is one of world’s leading microwave data transmission equipment manufacturers with a global presence in over 130 countries. SAF microwave radios provide the best possible alternative to fibre optics. Our point-to-point systems offer data transmission speeds of up to 1Gbps while being a cheaper and more efficient in places where cable network is not available. Microwave links can be deployed in almost any environment and the link distances can reach 150 km.
SAF Tehnika offers customizable solutions to various industries, ranging from mobile operators and internet service providers to system integrators, oil & gas companies, mining industry enterprises and government & municipal institutions.
SAF Tehnika’s microwave radios cover licensed and license-free frequency bands within the 300MHz-42GHz range, with capacities up to 1Gigabit full-duplex and 4QAM-2048QAM modulation range. Our latest generation microwave radio platform “Integra” is an unbelievably light, energy efficient carrier-grade system with lower total cost of ownership and easy installation.
A more affordable alternative is a license-free FreeMile radios for 5GHz and 24GHz frequency channels, offering less crowdy

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