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KORBANK SA is the innovation leader among Polish telecom operators actively operating since 1995. The construction of the first polish ethernet network functioning at district Kozanów, Wrocław, became the nucleus of the creation of, currently enormous, ISP industry. This act required overcoming not only legal and technical barriers, but also deep misgiving of property managers and cooperatives. The following milestone was to build the first in Poland FTTH network. This immense project was realized in the Malownicze district, Wroclaw, and received wide coverage in the trade press. Innovations introduced by KORBANK almost immediately became the object of desire of other providers. One of these creations was the idea of ​​mutual exchange of traffic through a single dedicated node.Thus, in 1998, WRIX.org Internet Exchange Poiint emerged. To meet their own providers needs, as well as these of co-operating companies, KORBANK has also expanded as software developer, creating applications like: K-CRM / K-ERP - the client management system for ISPs, SEK - the network inventory and expenses management software, PLICBD2 User Interface, and the television conditional access system KORSEC/KORSEC2. With their innovative approach associated with the use of unicast transmission in IPTV, KORBANK united more than one hundred ISPs creating a common brand - Avios. Avios TV proved to be very resistant to the shortcomings of Ethernet, making it perfect for packet switching networks. In addition, the ease and speed of implementation of this service, often not exceeding few hours, have gained recognition in the ISP industry. During the building of Avios, a serious shortage was spotted: there were virtually no Set-Top-Boxes based on Android OS, and the web-based devices lacked both responsiveness and functionality. Hence, to fill this gap, since 2012, KORBANK SA develops KORBOX: new decoder that - being provided with multicore ARM processor with a frequency of over 1 GHz and 1GB of RAM - is characterized by high responsiveness, high-speed channel switching, and very broad functionality, which properties stand this device next to top notch premium boxes. KORBOX 3.0 should be considered the brightest star in the KORBOX family, since it combines the functions of IPTV set-top box (Unicast / Multicast), Wi-Fi router, VoIP gateway, and has a built-in fiber optic connector (GPON / Active ETH). Turn Avios on - you shall see 4K more.

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